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Book review of Rudimental Grooves volume 1 and volume 2 in Drums & Percussion magazine(german edition), issue 02/2019. Many thanks to Cord Radke!

Rudiments often have something difficult to decipher. Satoria's idea is, starting from a simple basic groove, to integrate different rudiments and to highlight them in a remarkable way. So a row of black dots and mosquito bones suddenly becomes a term. And what you once understood - in the truest sense of the word - and made your own is now also available in another context: It can easily be integrated into a modular groove concept as a fill or rhythmic element, and suddenly completely new and interesting rhythms emerge effortlessly. Volume 1 works with binary contexts, Volume 2 deals with ternary grooves. For each (each!) of the more than 900 exercises there are listening examples in at least three different tempos.


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