Lui Vincent

...people, I went through Agostini school 20 years ago. I declared Stick Control to my bible. But now, what can I say? That was only volume 1 for me now, absolutely genius. Super cool, motivating and with endless fun. Thanks for such an awesome book. Your textbook is a 100% enrichment for me. The idea of the visual representation and the groove conversion, simply awesome. From the first page until now(I'm at page 73), just fun and always new challenges. I will definitely add the whole series to my repertoire. For those who are serious about drumming, be sure to check it out. You can't stop smiling because of the fun and learning success. To me, one of the best books for the drummer. You have led me on new paths with your school, I am grateful for it and look forward to further adventures. Best regards, Lui


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