Rudimental Grooves – Volume 2

Many drummers have the same questions. You learn the standard rudiments on the practice pad and/or snare, and then ask yourself: Now what? What can I do with it, beyond the practice pad? How can it be applied to the drumset? How can I use paradiddles and rolls in a groove

Rudimental Grooves is supposed to offer an adequate answer to this, peppered with numerous and above all practical groove exercises. The demand of the groove concept is that all grooves are built around the backbeat or serve as the cornerstone. The decisive main criteria was that you can integrate it into any everyday groove.

The grooves are divided into binary and ternary grooves(volume 1 and volume 2), where binary grooves mean eighth, sixteenth and thirty-seconds and ternary grooves mean eighth-note-triplets and sixteenth-triplets(sixtuplets) etc.

The books relating to Rudimental Grooves are suitable, among other things, for those who want to spice up and pimp up their everyday groove a bit, whereby you can of course determine the degree of it yourself.

So with the groove concept you also get a toolbox at the same time with which you can expand and enrich your groove vocabulary and to give everyday grooves that certain something that can give them a special touch and feel.

If you have a serious interest in becoming a rudimental groove ninja: Buckle up, buckaroos! Let your groove journey into unimagined and exciting rhythm realms begin!

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced

PAGES: 196


AVAILABE FORMATS: Paperback and eBook

Keep on groovin'!


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