What does the new update 2023 bring to the table?

The new update brings numerous new features, including several new categories and different skill levels, with gradual advancement. Part of the requirement was to adjust the entry level and guideline to make it easier to get started, but also as efficient as possible.

So a lot of things have been refined, streamlined, and are now easier to handle overall.

Here's a quick rundown of what's new:
  • Paradiddle Groove Workout
  • Easy Steps To Rudimental Grooves - The Guideline
  • Concatenation Of Rudiments
  • Acceleration Exercises
  • Rudiments Meets Ostinatos
  • Many of the existing grooves have been revised or replaced for a more streamlined process

Due to the extensive revision, I have postponed the release date to summer 2023(concerns volume 1). The update for volume 2, will then probably be completed in the fall of 2023.

Trust me, the patience is worth it, because I have put a lot of time, effort and diligence into giving you the best learning experience possible.

Kind regards, Nick Satoria ✌

Here are a few screenshots to give you some insight into what's new. I hope you are as enthusiastic about the new update as I am. 😉  


User 1

The Modular Groove Concept

User 1

Rudimental Grooves – Volume 2

User 1

The Visual Display Of Rudiments