Rudimental Grooves – Volume 1

Have you always wanted to know how to integrate rudiments like paradiddles, five stroke rolls, six stroke rolls, seven stroke rolls, nine stroke rolls, eleven stroke rolls etc. into grooves, in a practical and effective way? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

The main focus lies on the groove aspect and is mostly based on the backbeat of 2 and 4 which makes the exercises very applicable in terms of popular grooves -- be it as the groove itself, a groove variation or as a fill.

The starting point of the modular groove concept is mainly paradiddles, both as binary and ternary subdivisions. The book is best suited for those who have at least mastered the most most common paradiddles and rolls. So, take it easy-peasy-lemonsqueezy: You don’t have to have all 40+ rudiments under your belt.

You’ll start with different kinds of paradiddle stickings which will be our homebase, so to speak. Next, I’ll show you step by step how to transform those paradiddle patterns into dope grooves.

Volume 1 will be dealing with 16th-grooves combined with 32nd-notes. Volume 2 continues with the same concept and deals with 8th-note-triplet-grooves combined with 16th-triplet-notes/sixtuplets, until they get quite dense and complex.

Finally, volume 3 deals with groove independence exercises. As the icing on the cake: Bonus Grooves are included in each volume and will be dealing with double bass drumming, too.

If you have a serious interest in becoming a rudimental groove ninja: What are you waiting for? Let your groove journey into unimagined and exciting rhythm realms begin!

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced

PAGES: 134


AVAILABE FORMATS: Paperback and eBook

Keep on groovin'!


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